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IP Addresses

If you can justify it, you got it*

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Getting Additonal IP addresses

This is never a problem at hostdrive.com. We have our own ASN and our own IP space so you will not have to worry about IP's changing at any time due to a change in providers or connectivity. You can have as many IP's as you can justify

To Order Services Please email support@hostdrive.com
Order Toll Free 888-576-5594


/29 (8IP)$15.00/mo.

/28 (16IP)$25.00/mo.

/27 (32IP)$45.00/mo.

/26 (64IP)$75.00/mo.

/25 (128IP)$150.00/mo.

/24 (256IP)$200.00/mo.

PDFIP Address Justification Form*

Please email IP Justification Forms to support@hostdrive.com

*IP addresses require a completed IP Address Justification Form. HostDrive.Com complies with ARIN's guidelines as well as IETF RFC 2050 regarding the proper and efficient use of IP Address space. Proper use should also comply with our AUP and TOS.

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