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Server Colocation

Features and Options:

Colocate Your Server Running Your Software!
24/7 Monitoring
Multihomed BGP Network
Cross Connects Available
Primary & Secondary DNS
Additional IP Addresses Available
Low Setup Fees, Monthly Pricing
1U-4U to quarter, half or full rack

100 - 1000Mbps
IPv6 Support

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PDFColocation Brochure


Data Center





small Colocation

1 TB Transfer per month
2 IP Addresses
1 UPS Port
1 Switch Port
Includes Rack Space*
Includes Power





Medium Colocation

2TB Transfer per month
4 IP Addresses
1 UPS Port
1 Switch Port
Includes Rack Space*
Includes Power





LARGE Colocation

4TB Transfer per month
6 IP Addresses
1 UPS Port
1 Switch Port
Includes Rack Space*
Includes Power





X-Tra Large Colocation

6TB Transfer per month
8 IP Addresses
1 UPS Port
1 Switch Port
Includes Rack Space*
Includes Power


1/4 Rack



Super Size Colocation

Quarter Rack (10U)
/28 (16) IP Addresses
15AMP Feed


Half Rack



Half Rack Colocation

Half Rack (20U)
/27 (32) IP Addresses
20AMP Feed


Full Rack



Full Rack Colocation

Full Rack (40U)
/26 (64) IP Addresses
40AMP Feed




$400/mo. and up.

Raw Bandwidth

Per 10Mbit-100Mbit Port - Unmetered Multi-Homed Bandwidth.

All non-rack plans include between 1-8 IP addresses one Ethernet Port connection, UPS, power and bandwidth. Some Setup Fees may apply. Price based on 1U rack mount servers.  We can accomodate 8U vertical (midtower) and 4U horizontal servers as well for an additional charge. Rack pricing does NOT include bandwidth costs or additional power needs. Bandwidth may be purchased in 10MBit increments. Additional power can be purchased in 15AMP and 20AMP increments. Colocation is an UNMANAGED service. Remote hands and support is available at an hourly fee. Call for full details or a custom quote.

About HostDrive.Com

HostDrive has been providing reliable Dedicated Internet Servers for almost two decades. We understand that establishing a presence on the Internet can be expensive and complicated, but it does not have to be.

We provide dedicated servers at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own network or server. We custom build your web server, and place it on our high-speed network in our secure facility. You administer your server remotely. It's just that simple!

We've been around since 1997 and are one of the oldest longest running providers in the industry. We're known for our Fast, Friendly and Affordable Service!

Facilities Include:

  • High Speed Redundant backbone
  • Multiple Fiber Connections to GiGE
  • Multiple Backbones COGENT/TWC
  • BGP4 Load Balanced Network
  • Redundant Cisco Routers
  • Cross Connects Available(TWC/ATT/COGENT)
  • 100% Switched Network
  • Primary and Secondary Name Service
  • Climate Controlled Server Room
  • IPv6 Available
  • 24/7 Traffic Graphs
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • 24/7 Broadview Security
  • Web Based Surveillance Cameras
  • Secure Key Pad Entrance
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Secluded Picturesque location
  • Secure Off Street Parking
  • Secure customer work area
  • In Building Wireless



IP Addresses

Additional IPs IPv4 and IPv6
Buy additional blocks of IP's for Secure Sites, IP Based Hosts, SEO and more!

System Restore

Emergency Services
That's right. If you break it, we can fix it. Remote hands!

Memory Upgrade

Hardware Upgrade
Need more RAM, additional Hard Drives? We can assist in installing additional Hardware in your server insuring the lowest down time possible.

Bargain Dedicated Servers Dedicated Servers
Cheap Hosting Unmetered Bandwidth

Call to Order

Data Center Tour

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Cisco Powered Network

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